Mining is an ancient profession and along with the back breaking work and dangers of working in the dark underground, comes century old superstitions, the most notable being that of the Tommyknockers or Diggerz.

These impish, gnome-like men are the Cornish equivalent of Irish leprechauns and English brownies. Germans called them Berggeister or Bergmännlein, meaning  "mountain ghosts” or "little miners.” 

The Cornish believed these wee little men were the souls of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent by the Romans to work as slaves in the tin mines. This belief was so strong that the Diggerz were allegedly never heard on Saturdays, nor at times of Jewish festivals

Diggerz were believed to make knocking sounds within the mines. Some thought the sounds of "hammering” were malevolent, indicating certain death or injury, while others saw their "knocking” as well-meaning, warning the miners that a life-threatening collapse was imminent. Yet, others believed that the knocking sounds would lead them to a rich ore body and or signs of good luck.

When these grizzled little gnomes were good, they were thought to bring miners favors and wealth. But when they were bad, they were said to bring about misery, injury, and death to those who doubted their power or who did not believe in them. 




And the children chant...

"With a heart that's dark and black as coal, the monster from the mine is gonna steal your soul."

So while sitting at their favorite restaurant in Houston, Texas, David Craig and Kirk Loudon started banging around a concept that takes place in Trinidad, Colorado. After quite a few drinks and many hours later this is what developed...

An Evil Creature named Black Lung, created from the souls of lost miners takes revenge on a small town every 50 years. Raven, played by Lauren Leal, (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Crescent Moon), uncovers the mystery and it is up  to her and a cranky town outcast named Hagardy to end the killing spree.

Can they stop the terror of Black Lung?

Based on the Ludlow Mining Massacre, David and Kirk decided to do this movie with a few actors they had worked with in the past and then hire the rest from the Colorado area...What a great decision!

The local talent was fantastic and the movie is now a reality.

Principal Filming is complete and a trailer for the film will be ready for TrindieFest Film Festival in Trinidad, Colorado on September 25th.